Emma is a Clinical Myotherapist specialising in muscular and soft tissue treatment

Emma is a Clinical Myotherapist specialising in muscular and soft tissue treatment. She completed her Bachelor of Health Science (Clinical Myotherapy), which is the highest possible qualification in her field, at the Southern School of Natural Therapies.

Whilst working with her patients to be pain free, Emma utilises techniques such as Dry Needling, Muscle Energy Techniques (MET), Cupping, Joint Mobilisation and Soft Tissue Mobilisation. Emma’s enthusiasm for continually expanding her professional techniques sees her undertaking regular professional development courses and training, with most recently a focus on Myofascial Release and chronic pain science. Since returning from maternity leave Emma has undertaken professional development with a focus on headaches, neck pain and pre/postnatal care.

Emma is passionate about helping her patients achieve their goals, whether that is playing a game of football, running a marathon, or completing daily tasks without pain.  Clinical Myotherapy can be applied to patients of all ages and Emma has experience in treating people during all stages of life. So whether you are an 8 year old, a pregnant woman or an 80 year old; Emma is well equipped to provide a qualified and professional service for all ages.

 Outside of the clinic, Emma is busy chasing after her kids Harry and Ivy. She also loves catching up with friends for coffee or a wine.



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Meet the rest of the team

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Nathan Skewes

Nathan’s journey started 12 years ago when he discovered his passion for fitness and injury rehabilitation.


Kirrienne Coughlan

A passion for self-management of treatment plans, Kirrienne began her career in the health industry more than 10 years ago

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Patrick Keogh

Treating the whole person is a core value of Pat’s and this is reflected in the treatment approach that he uses.


Dr. Lucy Skewes

Dr. Lucy is an enthusiastic Chiropractor trained in gentle practice of NeuroImpulse Protocol (NIP) technique.

Leah Hocking

Dr. Leah Hocking

Leah enjoys providing personalised care to patients of all ages and activity levels, with a particular interest in functional neurology and the pain/stress relationship.


Grant Baldwin

Grant has worked in the industry for over 10 years, including 8 years with the Australian Cricket Team, and more recently, some work with the Essendon Football Club.

Samantha Bennetts One Life Health Group

Samantha Bennetts

Sam loves working with people to help them achieve their goals. Her greatest passion is helping improve the lives of those who live with chronic pain.