Dr Lucy has completed an additional 2 years in Post Graduate Chiropractic Paediatrics to make her very well equipped and confident when caring for your newborn baby and child.
Having 4 young children herself, Lucy cares very much about the wellbeing of babies and children and understands first hand, the struggles that parents often face.
There are many reasons why you may book your newborn in to see Lucy.
Some common concerns are, an irritable ‘colicky’ baby; you may have noticed that your baby has a head turning preference or; your baby may be having trouble feeding.
Alternatively, you may choose to bring your baby in to see Lucy, for just general check up, which is always recommended as a proactive health measure.
For parents with older babies and toddlers, parents often enquire about sleep struggles, or the establishment of crawling or walking or other developmental milestones.
And for older children, Lucy and Leah commonly see ‘growing pains’, sports related injuries and general aches and pains.
Whatever the reason you’re looking into chiropractic care for your loved one, know that you will be treated with respect and kindness and know that Lucy and Leah care.
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